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All In One

Everything in one Pack

immunaCy has all the benefits in one convenient stick pack, stop popping all those unnecessary pills, wasting money and spending countless hours deciding what to take. We got you covered! According to the graph, we are pretty B.A.D.A.S.S.

Bioavailable Advanced Delivery ( B.A.D )

Medically and scientifically researched on a biochemical and molecular level, we have chosen only active ingredients in our formulation providing the highest grade all-in-one drink in its truly BIOAVAILABLE form. 

Why is this important? Digested ingredients must go through a 1st pass (digestion) and 2nd pass (degradation) metabolism. Most over the counter vitamins and supplements come in a cheaper / non-active form, which in turn do not get utilized and instead excreted without giving any true systemic benefit. 

Acute Systemic Support ( A.S.S. )

immunaCy uses strategic combinations of electrolytes and minerals to maximize bioavailability and delivery throughout the body. Making sure every single organ in your body is receiving the maximal effective dose of each ingredient.